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Side Effects Of Synthetic Weed

Can someone give me a site or something about the negative side effects of synthetic weed?

I have a friend who has smoked this stuff since we were sophomores in high school (4 yrs) and he has gotten his girlfriend to smoke it along with him. He’s gone from pot to legal a few times but when he gets a job, he goes back to legal. He even admits that he coughs up ash in the mornings, but still smokes about 15 bowls a day, if not more. His girlfriend had to be rushed to the hospital once and after about a month of tests, her doctors said it was meds, but she never admitted to them about smoking legal. Even today, she was complaining about a sharp pain in her head…..but 15 minutes later, they smoke another bowl. He has told me that it makes your brain swell and lungs bleed or something, yet he keeps smoking. Everytime he tries to quit, his gf comes in and wants to smoke because she’s (bored). So, is there any written proof or links someone can give me to help me in this situation?

no trolling please

Dangers of Synthetic Marijuana

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