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Smoke Legal

How bad is to smoke legal incense?

I am on probation so I justed started smoking this Legal incense, Green Giant. It works very well I smoke usually 3 bowls of it a day. I have heard its bad for you. I was just wondering if anyone knew how.

well, between me and my friends we smoke prob about 3 grams of spice a day. there is 4 sometimes 5 of us. we enjoy it ALOT. we have been doing this for about 5 months now. we started with Fusion, went to Comatose Candy, then Cloud 9 (which wasn’t as nice), then we smoked some Black Rooster, and now we are smoke Down 2 Earth which is prob my personal favorite. Its bad for you just like everything else in the world we have looked into the side effects and everything just says “no bad” but here are some “facts” i guess. but after 5 months we aren’t sick. we aren’t dying. we aren’t feeling any different. sooo Smoke Up!! 😀

Smoking SkunkSmoke a legal bud… it turns out the good shit is better!

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