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Smoke Or Vape

Anyone know what mma fighters smoke or vape weed this is my list?

Nick & Nate Diaz
Diego Sanchez
BJ Penn
Eddie Bravo

Anyone Else

They don’t smoke the same kind of weed the high school students do. The weed they smoke is grown in hydroponic gardens in a very organic state. It’s negative athletic effect in moderation would be comparable to casual cigar smoking. It’s much milder than what’s on the street. God created all plants for a reason and I don’t have a problem with it. It’s stupid that the government in the US outlaws the stuff. There so many bigger problems for law enforcement to address. It’s really an invasion of citizens’ rights.

Adversely, drug dealers that pedal the weed high school kids smoke should be shot. That crap comes up from Mexico and it is so strong and so unnatural. Folks that buy from street dealers might as well be doing acid. They use kerosene, to slow the photosynthetic process so that there is less junk cannabis plant matter and more THC. People that smoke that crap become lackadaisical. apathetic, and wind up being 34 year old fats guy living in their grandma’s basement playing xbox. It disgusts me that the current administration is actually considering making me pay for health care for sloveness losers like that instead of letting nature run it’s course. Girls who do street pot screw for it, then a chunk of my paycheck goes to supporting their negligent behinds and their bastards via food stamps and the like. I think they should even prosecute users of street marijuana because it takes such a toll on society and does effect everyone. F___ those people. If they put that crap in their bodies they don’t have any rights.

My opinions may seem to be almost polar opposites in concept, but you’re almost looking at two different plants.

Now from a martial arts standpoint, in order to manage a vice like that appropriately, a fighter needs to pay special attention to their nutrition, VO2 max, and reaction time. They can constantly drill and test to see if the benefit outweighs the return or if it does not.

How to use a vaporizer

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