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Infertility in Women and Men

Have you and your partner been trying to conceive a baby? Have you been unsuccessful for at least a year? If so, then it is possible that one or both of you are suffering from problems with infertility. If you believe that infidelity is a problem in your life, then you should discuss this with your physician. Some infertility causes in women and men are listed below to help you get a better idea of how infertility can be treated.

Let’s start with some of the infertility causes in men. One of the main reasons men suffer from infertility is due to having a low sperm count. This condition can be due to several factors such as abnormal sperm shape, variocele or for unexplained reasons. There are some temporary conditions that cause a low sperm count and they include sickness, medications and extreme stress. Others factors that contribute to low sperm count are associated with a person’s life style and include smoking, drinking and use of illegal drugs. In some cases saunas, hot tubs and even tight clothing has been the reason for a man to experience a low sperm count. Other reasons that cause infertility in a man included genetics and childhood diseases. Injury to the testicles and being exposed to hazardous materials and radiation also causes infertility.

There are also a lot of infertility causes in women as well that can be placed in four different categories. The first would be ovulatory problems. The age in which ovulation occurs the best is during the late teen years and into early adulthood. By the time a woman reaches her thirties the ability to ovulate will decrease. Other factors such as stress can also make it more difficult for women to ovulate. The second reason is because of cervical conditions brought about by infections, diseases and other medical conditions. The third infertility causes in women include pelvic and tubal problems and uterine issues. Scar tissue, blocked or scared fallopian tubes, fibroids, abnormal uterine lining and anatomic conditions are some of the causes that fall into these two categories. It is even possible for one or more of these conditions to exist simultaneously.

If you are having a problem with infertility in your life the first thing you want to do is find out why. Every now and then infertility cannot be explained, but most of the time it can. Many times it can also be corrected by simply making lifestyle changes. Other times your doctor can work with you to help correct the problem. The important thing is that you seek help to find out if your infertility problems can be corrected.Learn more aboutwhat causes infertilityand what can be done to prevent it at

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