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Smoking Vaporizer

Marijuana and a vaporizer?

I have a heart condition, a heart Valve one.
Where I have a baby’s heart valve switched with my real one because when I was born I had a leaking heart Valve and at a few months old I got it switched to the baby’s. In this day I’ve been doing good so far and do not have to get it switched to adult until I’m older.
I’m 14, and I want to know that if i smoke pot could it hurt my heart ? or what if I use a vaporizer what will that do? will it help it not get to my heart?
& would a vaporizer be better for me in my condition?

Here’s an example of a vaporizer

Thank you!

Pot will heart your heart. It will also cause confusion, paranoia and stress which also impacts on our heart. It will create stress on your body, but not the healthy kind like exercise does, as this will inhibit your intake of oxygen regardless of how it is consumed. That last statement about intake of oxygen could be wrong, but i believe that it slows down breathing or increases it no matter how consumed. In general it is not good. It can destroy your future in every aspect. Trust me on this one.

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