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Solid Herbal Smoke

What is the best herbal smoking blend?

If you’ve never heard of “herbal smoke, legal herbal bud, solid herbal smokes”, etc. etc., they are (supposedly) an alternative to marijuana. Being a senior in a high school that drug tests regularly, and also being a person that is not so interested in pot, THAT really isn’t the answer. I was wondering if anyone has tried, say, Spice, or if anyone knows of any blends that relax and inebriate? I’ve heard that Spice is laced with chemicals…yuck. Any ideas?

the first person who answered does not know what they’re talking about, Sativa is not legal. Salvia is legal(it’s not like weed at all, it’s fucking intense though. but it only lasts about 15 minutes, i’d say it’s worth it though. you can get it at any head shop.)

Jamaican Bunch – Herbal Solid Smoke | Legal Highs

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