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Incline Treadmill Sessions Add Variety To Workout

An incline treadmill adds a lot of variety to your workout program. After all, plodding away on a treadmill for sustained periods of time is boring. When it does get a little boring on your treadmill, it is time for an incline session. The incline feature can completely change the feel of a workout session. One treadmill user commented that he cranked up the incline while running and it felt like his cheeks were going to fall off. An incline treadmill session will not put variety into your treadmill workouts; it will put stress on different muscles.

Most treadmills have an incline feature. This feature may change the deck from level to as much as a 15-degree front of deck elevation. This incline feature puts the user in the position of walking or running uphill. This is a great feature for several reasons

Variety:The incline feature changes the feel of the workout session, preventing boredom.

Strengthens different muscles:Treadmill exercise puts more strain on different muscles. By increasing the incline, you will put more emphasis on the

Cross-country training:The incline feature is an excellent training device for cross country and marathon runners. This feature simulates running uphill. The runner can easily train for a variety of terrain conditions with this feature.

There are several things to look for when shopping for a treadmill with the incline feature. The first is how to change the degree of incline. On the cheaper treadmills this may be manual with only a few settings. Most treadmills offer electronically controlled incline. Press one button for up and another for down. The longer you hold the button the more it will incline or decline. With an electronic incline you want to consider the increments it changes and how smooth the incline or decline feels. The better machines will change the amount of incline in increments of one-half degree. At this rate the incline feels smooth as you are walking or running.

It has been said that variety is the spice of life. Build some incline treadmill sessions into your exercise and put some spice into your treadmill exercise routines.Kevin Urban is the webmaster and chief editor at The popular consumer guide featurestreadmill reviews, comparison charts and a buying guide.

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