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Spice Herbal Smoking Blend

Can i get police involved with eBay scam if it wasnt over $1000?

I bought $190 dollars worth of spice (herbal smoke blend) aka k2, mrniceguy, etc… But i have not received my order.. They say that i was supposed to read theyre disclaimer before buying and that it states they are prohibited from sending to my state. I have a feeling he just added the disclaimer after i ordered and put my state in but can i get a refund for this? Does he get off with my money? Can i get police involved for this small amount of money or is ebay only concerned in getting people scamming thousands of dollars.

Sure, call the police… they can always use a good laugh.

(two thumbs down… I can see the slow and simple minded thumb downers don’t have a clue of what I just said)

Spice Herbal Smoking Blend

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