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Street Names Of Marijuana

How can I protec d chilren from drugs?

We is all know dat Marijuana is commonly know as, , Afghan,bhang Black Rock ,Broccoli ,Buddha Grass ,Bush ,Dope ,Draw ,Dry High, Dubby, Ganja, Gangster, Giggleweed, Grass, Hemp, Herb, Jane, Jive, Joint, Kiff, Loco Weed, Mary ,Mexican Green , Moroccan Black, Panama Red, Pot, Puff, Reefer, Resin, Roach, Sativa, Shit, Smoke, Spliff, Tea, Texas Tea, Thai Sticks but can you tell me d street names of Marijuana so dat if I hear chilren taking bout it I can know to put dem right….I is looking for the less common names.

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