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Synthetic Marijuana Legal

How is Herbal Incense Synthetic Marijuana legal? Cloud 10, MD4,5,6, Purple Kush & so on?

I’ve had 2 friends in the last month (Missouri) have police officers confiscate it from them, stating they were taking it for testing which takes 4-6 months. If its NOT JWH-018, how can cops still take it? Also, how is it legal considering how “high” it gets a user after smoking it?

Check the back of the package.

It should state somewhere “Not for Human Consumption”. If it doesnt, I would be highly surprised.

That means its legal to buy and sell and possess for uses that are NOT consumed, such as incense, or fertalizer or any number of things its sold as.

Its not legal to ingest it and get high with it, but that loophole allows it to be on the open market.

Much like spray paint is legal to buy sell and possess for painting. If you accidently get high because of poor ventaliation, oops. But you cant selll or possess it for huffing.

The cops can take anything they suspect of being illegal drugs in order to test for them.

Federally, none of its illegal. The ban that was supposed to go through at the end of the year failed. So, the only laws against them are state laws. But, the officer could take it for testing based on the suspicion that its marijuana or any other drug – and if you have the straight chems, thats powder and could look like a whole host of illegal drugs.

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