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Synthetic Marijuana Spice

what does it feel like to smoke K2? (synthetic marijuana/ spices)?

im doing a report for my psychology class and i really wanted to get some info on spices. i would love to get responses from people who have actually smoked the stuff personally. but ya just tell me the feeling you go through when you smoke it starting from the first hit to the end of the high. thx =]

K2 is best example of Synthetic marijuana. Synthetic marijuana is also known as “Fake Weeds”. Fake weed products are legal, and their use has grown since they were first introduced in 2002. They don’t trigger a positive result on a urine drug test and are marketed as being 100% organic herbs, insinuating that they are natural and completely safe.

The truth is, none of the products on the market are completely natural. They all have been found to contain various synthetic cannabinoids, chemicals produced in laboratories originally to help scientists study the cannabinoid system in the human.

What Happens When You Smoke Synthetic Marijuana?
It’s important to remember that we have no scientific studies on the effects smoking the herbal blend products has on humans. Some studies conducted on mice indicated that the use of synthetic cannabinoids were similar to those of marijuana.

There are several “reviews” published on the Internet of some of the individual brand names, some of them by individual bloggers, but others published by reputable journalists.

The consensus seems to be that smoking the fake weed products will produce a high similar to smoking marijuana, but it doesn’t last as long. However, other reviewers said the result was more of a relaxed feeling, rather than the “head high” that real marijuana produces.

None of the herbal smoking blends reviewed got great marks for taste, and another reviewer said they were more “harsh” than marijuana and that they make your throat burn and your lungs ache long after you smoke.

What Are the Long-Term Effects?
We simply do not know. There have been no studies conducted on what effects the synthetic cannabinoids may have on the body and brain. Of course, smoking any substance could have negative affects on the lungs, but we have no scientific evidence concerning the specific use of these fake marijuana products.

We do have a warning from one of the scientists who helped develop the JWH-018 chemical. While studying the effects of pharmaceuticals on the brain, a student of John Huffman, Clemson University research professor of chemistry, discovered the chemical JWH-018, also known by the name 1-Pentyl-3-(1-naphthoyl)indole.

The problem with JWH-018 is that absolutely nothing is known regarding its toxicity or metabolites, Huffman warned. Therefore, it is potentially dangerous and should not be used.

Spice synthetic marijuana

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