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Synthetic Pot Spice

Why doesn’t the military drug-test for synthetic party drugs also?

Like bath salts(blizzard), and synthetic pot (spice,k2,blue magic etc)… I know a lot of people who have used them and went on to the military, or even still use them there! My question is why don’t they test for those too? Why do the get to go to the military still while using drugs that are only untested for?
I’m pretty sure my friend hasn’t been tested or he wouldn’t have gone anywhere judging as how he smoked weed until 19 days before he left and smoked spice up until two days until he left.

Mainly because these drugs are new, and tests for them are still being worked out. The new tests are expensive, and not always economical to institute immediately. We still test for PCP, which no one does-our system makes it easy to detect PCP.

Also, Spice doesn’t show up well in urinalysis (see link below, from the Navy’s Drug Program website). It does show up in blood tests, which we don’t do.

With that said, as mentioned, the Air Force is instituting testing procedures, and expect the other services to follow some time after.

With regards to your friend, he has beaten the odds and the screening period. If he likes drugs that much, I’d bet he pops positive shortly, thus ending his time in the Navy.

Spice synthetic marijuana

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