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Synthetic Weed Spice

I smoked some of that Synthetic Marijuana and had a panic attack.?

My friend has panic attacks on a frequent basis and had never had them before, claims they started after he smoked the synthetic weed (spice). Is this going to happen to me, and will this happen even with non synthetic marijuana now?

So-called “synthetic weed” or “imitation” marijuana that is often sold by on-line head shops as “herbal blends” are usually nothing more than various kitchen herbs and sometimes even just grass clippings packaged and sold to unsuspecting young people looking to experiment with getting high without trying to break any local or national laws. Basically they are a scam.

Regrettably some newer forms of these products contain other chemicals — usually pesticides and fungicides (things to ill insects and keep mold from growing) that when burned and inhaled can cause some very serious toxic (poisonous) effects on the body.

In addition, whenever the body is stressed, such as when breathing in smoke of any sort rather than fresh air, the body goes into an automatic response referred to as “fight or flight”. This is an ancient response to any danger from when we were living in caves way before we had civilization. Nature’s way of protecting allowing us to protect ourselves is to release a chemical, a hormone, called adrenaline, into the blood stream. Adrenaline increases heart rate, releases sugar into the body, makes you more jumpy so your reflexes are faster and generally makes you anxious and panicky to either FIGHT against a threat — like an attacking tribe of cave men — or FLIGHT — like running away from a hungry saber tooth tiger or perhaps a fire that has gotten out of control and is about to kill you from inhaling smoke.

The release of adrenaline when you smoke anything — be it synthetic weed, herbal mix, tobacco (which also happens to contain a stimulant nicotine, amplifying the effects) or actual marijuana (cannabis sativa, cannabis indica or a hybrid form of these two) — will feel very much like a panic attack. Your heartbeat gets faster, your breathing increases, you get anxious to run or attack/protect yourself.

If your friends response to inhaling smoked material occurred once — it is likely to occur again and again. Doesn’t sound like much fun. Will it happen to you? It is possible and now you have the information to know why.

And keep in mind two more things:

I mentioned that chemicals such as pesticides and fungicides can be added to these “mixes” — and smoking these poisons will definitely mae your body react at the very least with an adrenaline rush and a feeling of panic. Listen to your body — stop doing it and if you don;t feel better or have difficulty breathing; begin to vomit, if you are with someone who passes out, if you experience nausea or dizziness that doesn’t pass within a few minutes Be Smart: dial 911. Will you be embarrassed and maybe get in trouble? Possibly — but no one ever really died of embarrassment and you’ll survive getting into trouble with the parents. Not calling for help in an emergency can lead to a more permanent problem: Death. Second point: if you have asthma or allergies to pollen (rag weed, flowers, molds or dust) smoking anything will make it worse and cause worse and worse attacks that will require more and more serious medication to treat — medications with more serious side effects. And an asthma attack left untreated can also lead to death by asphyxiation.

Sobering stuff to consider. But you are smart to as these questions, it shows intelligence and maturity and a desire to make the right choices.

It sounds like with the right information you’ll know to steer clear of so-called synthetic marijuana (aka: herbal blends) — and now you know to listen to your body when it’s telling you that something you are putting into it is just not right and possibly poisonous.

Good luck and Good health!

Spice synthetic marijuana

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