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Vaporizer Tobacco

NRHH: How do you usually smoke?

blunt, joint, pipe, bubbler, shotgun, vaporizer

tobacco of-course ;]
if your talking about Spice Gold and Diamond

Yes and i cant find it anywhere
i got a Roors bong with a diffuser as a present, which rocks, and a couple smaller bongs and bubs, i like shotguns and pipes.too for smaller bowls

hitting that shotgun right now lmao

joints and blunt are for when i got alot of cash

my roommate had a SICK glass bong that cost like $400, used it like every day for the past 2 years, then he died. he’s in the shop right now the dude said he might be able to bring him back to life. favorite way is blunts though, thats how urrbuddy in the hood smokes, never smoked anything but a blunt til i came to college and started chillin with honkey @ss crackers.

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