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Large Professor – “Professor @ Large” – @@@@ (Review) (HipHopSite)

There was a time when Large Professor was regularly mentioned next to names
like DJ Premier and Pete Rock, but unlike his more prolific brethren, Extra P
has instead taken almost Dr. Dre-lengths of time to release full-length
albums. And like the good doctor’s _”I don’t smoke weed or cess…”_ line from
“Express Yourself”, Large Pro has had his share of haunting, famous last
words, such as _”Main Source forever….”_ on Brand New Heavies’ _Heavy Rhyme
Experience_ (which saw the group breaking up shortly after) or _”Buy the album
when I drop it…”_ on Tribe’s “Keep It Rollin'” – only to see his cleverly
titled Geffen debut, _The LP_, getting shelved in 1996. It wasn’t until 2002
that Large Pro actually released his first solo album, _1st Class_, not
following up until 2008 with _Main Source_. Despite having a hand in some of
the biggest classic LP’s of all time – _Let The Rhythm Hit Em, Illmatic,
Midnight Marauders, Breaking Atoms,_ to name a few – Large Professor has
managed to maintain a mystique over the span of his 20+ year career –
something rare in this day of Twitter timeline stranglers and daily …


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