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Weed Smoking Products

would like to open a head shop?

what kind of things should i know if i was to open a head shop (store that sells tobacco (weed) smoking products)

i was just curious and figured id look it up cause it seems like a fun store to open up.

ps. not a joke
if i open a head shop its only going to sell pipes and stuff so its not like im going to use all my product. and im going to put it in a college town that doesnt already have a head shop. my friend goes to school in bowling green ohio and they have one head shop thats doing amazing in there town.

Too many people think they know how to sell something because they buy it. Then they end up using their own products and don’t understand how to sell. So they wind up OUT of business in a hurry.

Don’t open a store because YOU like the merchandise. Open a store because there are customers out there that will buy your merchandise (and you won’t get thrown in jail or be chastized by little old ladies). Your objective in opening a store is to MAKE MONEY. So sell bikinis if you must, but don’t open a store just cuz.

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