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What Are Some Effects Of Marijuana

What are some effects of Marijuana?

It must be illegal for a reason. Why do so many teens smoke it, yet it seems there are no symptoms

It’s illegal because hemp threatened William Randolph Hearst’s paper lumber fortune, so he and his bazillions of dollars bought off Congress back in the 1930s to get hemp and marijuana outlawed through outrageous marijuana “Reefer Madness” style propaganda.
In fact, marijuana normally makes people a bit “dopey” hungry and kills some pain. It’s not an ideal substance for a body to partake in, but then again, the side effects of marijuana are NOTHING compared to nearly every pharmaceutical on pharmacy shelves.
It’s a bit like an alcohol buzz but without the “stupid” effects of alcohol, lowering ones inhibitions for example
Read up on why it is an effective medicine for those taking it in med marijuana states for some real descriptions of its effects.
I wouldn’t recommend any teens trying it because that would be illegal.
But if i had teenage kids I would sure rather have them experimenting with weedganjakaneh than with the prescription drugs they’re abusing from their parents’ medicine cabinets
As to WHY teens want to try it? Because it’s a “no no” and it’s inevitable that people, especially teens-twentys love to noodle around with no-nos to “rebel” yadda yadda
One reason I think it is still illegal is precisely this reason- in that it’s a quite benign “nono”
And for this reason I’d agree with it remaining illegal were it not for the preponderence of dumbassed arrests based on noncriminal possession, and it’s filling prisons and now creating an out of control violence trend at the Mexico border and funding gang violence when it could be funding the US economy

Marijuana: Negative Health Effects

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