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What Does Weed Have In It

what does weed have in it?

my friend and i have never smoked weed but we are debating whats in it.
She thinks there is cocaine in it.
is that true?

Okay the retard above doesn’t know what shes talking about. I know that because she said marijuana can be laced with THC. Lets get something straight THC is the ingredient made naturally in marijuana and its what gets you high when you smoke it. Also people tell you that weed can be laced with cocaine but it almost never happens because believe it or not selling drugs is a business and putting coke in weed and selling it at weed prices loses them money and is a stupid business practice. They are two completely different drugs and you when someone tells you drugs can be laced so dont do them you have just a good chances as having your burger laced with coke from McDonald’s. So in summation your friends wrong.

this will tell you all about marijuana:

Does Marijuana Cause Dead Brain cells or Lung Cancer?

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