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What Is Legal Bud

What is legal bud and whats the best kind?

i need a true potheads opinion. i want to know how it compares to pot. i was considering buying some from .if ur not genuine… i dont want to hear it.

I don’t like it… it tastes like tea to me. I have only smoked the medium strength one. So I can’t comment on how strong that the strongest one is. I think that it calms you down but not like real weed. My husband smokes it because he gets drug tested at work. He doesn’t really like it but he likes being able to smoke something. And just going through the motions is almost as good. I like the real stuff and can’t wait for it to be legal so that everyone can smoke it and not have to settle for almost as good. If you are going to buy it go into the smoke shop and ask the cashier. Most that I have talked to have very strong opinions and will tell you which ones are the best. oh yeah I didn’t even tell you what it was. It is a mix of herbs and spices and other stuff that looks and smokes like weed. It gives you a small high but I think it is like a cig high for a non smoker.

“Legal Dutch Haze” Review

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