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What Is The Side Effect Of Weed

What are the side effects of weed ?

okay, so everyone does it so seriously is it really bad?
Cause i mean the health teachers say don’t do it cause they’re health freaks, but what are the long term effects ?

And i heard one blunt = 10 cigarettes.
is that truee ? cause cigarettes are really bad and nasty…

As with anything that anyone tells you I’d advise a high level of suspicion. Truth is the most elusive object to find, in this life anyway. Your health teachers are just that – either primary or secondary (I’m not sure your grade level) teachers that have obtained (most likely) a bachelors degree. They do not, for the most part, research extensively the subject matter which they teach. Nor should they, given that their salaries and education are not commiserate with doing so. So realizing that your high school/middle school health teacher is teaching to you out of a pre-packaged syllabus that has varying degrees of both scientific evidence and political propaganda you must measure what you are taught with skepticism. I’d recommend doing this for the rest of your life….

In researching matters of medical and/or biological science you are best served by government catalog resources that allow easy searches (though mastering these searches is an art form in itself). I’d recommend –

Before doing some research do a common sense check.
1) Smoke of any kind contains carcinogens (don’t take my word for it, of course…you have no idea what credentials I have…at least you have an idea of the credentials your teacher has).
2) Carcinogens can contribute to cancer development (note I did not say “cause cancer”…that is irresponsible)
3) Marijuana smoke thus contains some of these carcinogens that contribute to cancer development.

Following that logic it is safe to assume from a common sense standpoint that Marijuana smoke has the ability to contribute to cancer and is thus may be “bad” for your health. Being a psychoactive substance it also has several impairing effects due to both short and long term use. Despite what your health teacher might say is “fact” the jury is still out on exactly what the true long term effects of marijuana are, and the exact implication that it may have on cancer.

I’m not sure where the One Joint = 10 cigarette quote was pulled from. I found (on pubmed – A comparison of mainstream and sidestream marijuana and tobacco cigarette smoke. Chem Res Toxicol. 2008 Feb;21(2):494-502.) a 2008 article from a toxicology journal stating that
1) Ammonia was found at 20x concentration in marijuana smoke compared to Tobacco
2) Hydrogen cyanide, NO, NOx were found at 3-5x concentration in marijuana smoke compared to Tobacco
3) Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) were found at lower concentrations for mainstream (inhaling directly) smoking but higher concentrations for sidestream smoking when compared to cigarette smoke.
4) Formaldehyde and Acetaldehyde were in higher concentrations in tobacco smoke

In this study they used no filters for either marijuana or tobacco. It does appear according to this study that there are certain chemicals found in higher concentrations in marijuana smoke. Note that this study didn’t quantify all chemicals, and that many of the chemicals listed are not the known carcinogens that contribute to lung cancer. Keep in mind also that people tend to smoke more cigarettes per day than marijuana “joints”, cigarettes have filters while marijuana “joints” does not, and many people use various pipes, bongs and vaporizers that may or may not reduce the chemical byproducts of marijuana while smoking.

As unsatisfying an answer as that might be since it’s so convoluted and long (as any answer that tries to hint at the truth will likely be), I can safely say that one blunt does not equal ten cigarettes….one blunt can equal anywhere from less than one to more than twenty cigarettes…it depends on what by-product we are talking about. As for the other long term effects I feel I have written more than enough but will append some articles if you feel the need to delve further.

Don’t forget that since marijuana is almost universally illegal in many countries the health effects may be considered moot when placed against the health effects of incarceration on your well being. Good luck, and don’t forget to question everything……

Marijuana Side Effects Study Debated

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