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Where Can I Buy Legal Weed

Where can I buy legal weed they mail to you but still gets you high?

I know internationaloddities .com ,, are all FRAUD! I’m tired of smoking real weed because 1. it cost to much now a days 2. I keep hearing you can buy weed online and it cost less. And please leave a comment if you know where I can purchase some legal kush, purple haze, ect. Just point blank period if you know where I can purchase legal weed and they actually mail it you, NO FRAUD! Then please leave the link in a comment.

If it is illigal where you live then it is illigal to buy it online and have it shipped to you. If it costs to much, just grow your own.

Stupid people should not get high.
Stupid people give us stoners bad names.

Dispensaries and buying legal Medical Marijuana

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